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Removes dry skin, and increases Vata or ciculation on the body, leaving your skin smooth and breathing. You can use these organic and natural loofahs as part or your daily routine with one of the natural soaps (in this shop) or make it wet, remove the excess water, and apply to dry skin to get the benefits of the Ayurvedic tradition called Garshana: Garshana (friction by rubbing in Sanskrit) is the dry brushing of the skin aiming at stimulating and detoxifying the lymphatic system. Traditionally perfomed with a Silk glove, it can also be done with a good quality loofah. It has recently become popular to perform garshana using a dry bristle brush; however, this might be too harsh for those with sensitive skin.

This is also a great practice to support your weight loss efforts and to get rid of cellulite and congestion.

Use: leave the flat loofah in water for 2 minutes until it expands to it natural size. 

Organic Loofahs (pack of 6)

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