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Feeling Beautiful Truly is Being Healthy

We've all felt like 1 million dollar just because of that glow on our sun kissed skin, that bright white inviting smile, the lush and shiny hair, the yoga toned thighs, being you, just as you are.  Being feeling beautiful is truly being healthy...

Find a small selection of Beauty and Health products, as well as Jewellery which have been carefully curated for they all bring us back to our own nature according to the ancestral science of  Ayurveda.

Ayurveda takes into account your life style, your diet and the environment you live in to restore health and balance to the body and mind.

This small collection will either help you:

  • create a soothing atmosphere at home

  • cleanse the body & your environment

  • set up a healthy routine

  • adorn yourself with the healing power of natural stones

  • or support your effort to heal from specific ailments (such as weight loss, diabetes, cholesterol, skin issues, joints pains, and much more).


Nature provides us with its goodness since times immemorial and when one acts in agreement with one's own nature, one finds balance.

We endeavour to limit plastic to a minimum, looking at ways to ultimately erradicate its use entirely

We avoid chemicals compounds to prefer natural ones;

Because we are Nature and should care for it like we care for ourselves

If you're Vegan

Note that Ayurvedic medicines are usually exclusively made of plants, but check the ingredients section of each product as some use  animal substances such as:

Ghee (clarified butter), Honey or Milk.

All oils and medicines are:

WILD CRAFTED                                            SUSTAINABLE HARVESTING                                           CRUELTY FREE                      




 FAIRLY TRADED                             HANDMADE                               NO CHEMICALS               FREE FROM STEROIDS            


Shop the Summer Selection

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