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For French Speakers


A Wellness Day to return to your Authentic ~Self

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(more details at the end of this page)

£120 pp

About the Event

If you feel you please others but have a hard time honouring your true desires, this retreat is for you


The Vishuddha chakra is commonly understood as the ruler of communication. But truly it organizes your ability to LISTEN. It is the place where the inside meets the outside. It governs our ability to listen to others and to be heard but above all, to listen to ourselves and act accordingly, in accord with our authentic self.

How many times did you say "yes" wishing you dared say “no.” You wanted to take a gap year to discover the world but decided to take that job for fear of losing out later; you planned to go to Uni but got married and had 3 kids… You love painting but work in finance. Isn’t it weird how we are often so disconnected from our true inclinations. Later in life, we blame others for these choices we didn’t want to make and find out that truly, we're angry at ourselves for to not having been able to voice and follow our deepest desires.

Surely, this happens to us at any point of our life. An imbalanced throat chakra leads us there. It prevents us to differentiate between a healthy compromise and one that threatens our authentic self.

Through yoga, pranayamas, sophrology, voice exercices and visualisations, Mantras, spontaneous zen body movements, and throat chakra workshops, you’ll be encouraged to return to your true nature by finding your authentic voice again.


Join this affirmative and deeply relaxing day retreat on the Cote D’azur on June 25th, 2022

The Throat Chakra: Vishuddha


The chakras are energy centres, there 7 main ones and hundreds of energy points in Ayurveda, which pre-date and inspire acupuncture and Chinese medicine. When imbalanced, the throat energy centre is often responsible for Frustration, Anger, Anxiety, depression and a sense of disconnection from others, or feeling alone​. It makes us think we have no choice, ​it weakens our will power, create fatigue and thyroid problems, as well as cough, laryngitis, jaw or chewing issues. It's often responsible for chin, cheek, tongue, neck and shoulder issues and leads to the worsening of our expression while speaking or in writing.

The Objective


You will leave as if on a cloud, relieved and de-stressed, having gained new resources applicable back at home.

The goal is to spend a day of harmony, become more conscious of your own voice and understand how to project and manifest your true will or desires.

True happiness must be sought through self-knowledge. When you reconnect with your optimal vibration, you will regain your vital energy, elevate the soul, and feel able to return to your daily life rejuvenated and at peace.

PROGRAM : 25 June 2022


9:00am:       Welcome

9:30am:       Yoga Flow: Unlock the throat 

10:30am:      Open circle 

11am:            Workshop: The throat Chakra & Mantra Meditation

12:30pm:      Vegetarian lunch & Relax by the Pool

2:30pm:       Workshop: Sophrology, Visualisation, voice exercises

4pm             Tea Break

4:30pm        Evening Sound Yoga: Balance

5:30pm:       Mantras and Free Movements

6pm:            Closing of the circle, sharing -  End

The Organisers: Yoga, Mantras & Sophrology


For this 1-day-retreat of wellbeing, Nadege will bring her Yogic expertise in both Yoga asanas (physical yoga) and pranayamas (breathwork). Eve will share her knowledge of the therapeutic value of the Sanskrit language and Mantra singing, which are part of the Nada Yoga school. But this time, Laurence, a psychologist, a sophrologist and actress who will bring her knowledge applied to the Throat chakra balancing.

Nadege is a certified Yoga teacher (YTT 200) as well as an acupuncturist trained in traditional Chinese medicine. Eve is certified as a Zen Yoga instructor (YTT450), a Gong and Tibetan Bowls master and an Ayurvedic practitioner.

We organise these participative and holistic well-being experiences, weaving our offerings of yoga, breath work, meditation, liberating explorations of voice and movement with music, Sound Baths and Ceremonies, motivated by our a vision of inclusion and brotherhood for each of us to realise our own nature. Our mission as retreat guides is to create a sacred and safe space and to support each participant wherever they are on their healing path of self-discovery.

The Benefits Of Sophrology

Sophrology teaches you techniques for relaxing and lets the stress of your life bleed away. While you may not be able to change your stressful job, the stress doesn’t need to dominate your life.

Sophrology will boost your Memory and Concentration, it will help manage pain, improving your Self-confidence strengthening Independence

Once you have practice at sophrology’s techniques, you can incorporate them into your day. Spend a few minutes working on your breathing, letting stress wash out of your system. A short period each day can help you manage elements of your life you previously thought were unmanageable.

Don't Forget & What to Wear
  • Your yoga mat

  • Comfortable outfit (track suit, sweat pants, sportswear or yoga outfit, sweatshirt or blanket – your body temperature decreases during a sophrology session)


  • if you have a specific condition or doubt about your participation, you can contact:

  1. Eve: or WhatsApp: +447855640598

  2. Nadège: T:+33663778199

To Book


Share your interest to be notified of the next date 



whatsapp : +447855640598

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