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How Sound Healing Works... Miracles

If you want to find out the secrets of the Universe, think In terms of Energy, Frequencies and Vibrations - Nicolas Tesla

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

The effect of sound waves on solid matter

The Origins

It's impossible to precisely date the use of metals for the purpose of Sound healing. We assume that as the Bronze Age emerges, with it came the existence of bowls and gongs. There is archaeological evidence of Ancient Egyptians using sound healing in Giza (among others): the "House of the Spirit" was made of three chambers and a "medical investigation table" demonstrating the existence of a complexe healing system based on sound frequencies.

In most traditional cultures, Sound has been used by medicine men, priests and Shamans. In the Hindu tradition, it is through Mantra chanting and Nada Yoga that sound plays a primordial role. In Native American tribes medicine melodies, dances, rattles and chanting were also used. In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition Singing Bowls, chimes, bells and overtone chanting are used. We can trace the existence of Gongs to 2000 BCE, but archeologists believe they were used much before that. Even though they are associated with the East, a gong was found in Wiltshire, England, dating to 100 AD, during the Roman occupation of England. A chau gong has been found in a tomb in China dating from the Han Dynasty (207BC to 25AD). The Chinese say that Gongs originated in Hsi Yu, between Myanmar and Tibet. Records from the era of Emperor Hsuan Wu (500-517AD) refer to gongs. The best gongs were produced in Semarang in Java, where the gongmakers' craft was a secret handed down from generation to generation.

In Asia, gongs are the symbol of mysticism and good fortune. Those used by Buddhists for sacred purposes were inscribed with the Mandarin symbols Tai Loi, symbolising the arrival of happiness.

"One will perceive things invisible to others and will hear things inaudible by others” - Pythagoras

Pythagoras, (500 BCE) experienced "going beyond his physical boundaries through consciousness" and as a result, he came up with the Intervallic Music System in use today (Musica Mundana or Music of the Spheres).

If You Think You Are Matter, Think Again

Modern science has mainly been preoccupied by the action/reaction of what is visible in the physical world. This is the way we've been taught "Physics"at school and so, to us, this is reality. But with the apparition of Quantum Physics, we have since recognised that the "invisible" constitutes over 95% of the world around us. The world is to be understood in terms of energy fields & vibrations, making our perception of what is physical an illusion:

"If you were to look at any part of your body, you’d find cells, at the centre of each cell you’ll find your DNA, inside the DNA, you’ll find atoms and if you look into the atoms there’s nothing there. There are protons, electrons & neutrons (electric charges). Inside the atom, there’s effectively 99.9% of empty space: If a proton was an apple, an electron would be the size of a grain of salt and would be approximately 2kms away from the proton which goes to show how much space is within" - David R. Hamilton, PhD, Organic Chemist

The Science behind the Magic

Passive Meditation & Brain States

The language of the brain is electrical impulses or frequencies. According to the task at hand, the brain will pulse at different frequencies (concentration, meditation, sleep and so forth). When you experience a sound healing (as a 1-on-1 or within the context of a Sound Bath) your brain will lower its frequency (to 4Hz to 7Hz) and reach what we call a "Theta State" (understand states of brain activity here)​. This state is known to increase Memory retention, Intuition, imagination and can be compared to a deep state of Meditation. This is why Sound Healing is often called a form of "passive meditation" and this is also why you'll often hear that Sound Healing brings one to different levels of consciousness: and indeed, you are not sleeping, not dreaming, you feel you aren't here, and yet you are. Effortlessly, your system aligns with the frequencies played and suddenly the sense of time and place disappears. This would be the first stage of the sound healing process.

Cymatics, Resonance & Entrainment

So now that you are in this quiet state, what happens? Sound can move and shape matter at a molecular level. This has well been documented through the works of Hans Jenny at the birth of Cymatics in the 1960’s, even though it had been practiced by the ancients before. Solid particles change their collective shape to form geometrical patterns which change with the frequency played. The higher the frequency (meaning: more vibrations per second) the higher the pitch and the complexity of the geometrical design being spontaneously created. Cymatics shows the re-organisation of matter particles clearly. Now imagine how your own body cells would react...

Mathematician and Astronomer Cristiaan Huygens realised, in 1665, that if left alone for a while, Pendulums which had been activated randomly, soon swung in unison. As they swing, ripples of energy push the air mollecules of the other pendulums in the room, producing a modulating force that aligns all pendulums together creating a resonant coherence.

Through entrainment and resonance our internal system starts to align with an external rhythm while cells regenerate and re-order themselves

What's It's Good For

  • Sound healing will lower Stress & Anxiety, it will strengthen your Immunity, improve sleeping disorders and insomnia, balance the 2 hemispheres of the brain, promotes cardiac/cerebral resonance, hormonal balance, reduce high blood pressure, induce an altered state of consciousness (close to Lucid Dreaming), increase clarity & lightness of mind, pacifies emotional distress and rush the regeneration and rejuvenation of cells. Many have reported Sound healing as efficient against kidney and bladder stones, removing period pain and other body aches, alleviating joint and bone tissues pain and so forth. When you submit to a sound healing, your vagus nerves, which run from the head, and serve every organ in the body is affected. so you can basically have an impact on organs just with sound.

  • Sound healing is a window into your "unconscious", or 3rd Eye. People report seeing colours, being brought back to memories, being in a dream-like state. The wisdom one extracts from the experience often helps identify our fears, shame, guilt, sadness and resolve emotional distress.

  • Some practitioners and scientists answer that in principle “Everything can be healed through sound because all objects emit energy in the form of vibrations and those can be altered and harmonised”. Sound healing is efficient for “all illnesses induced by stress, which is pretty much all of them”…

The future of non-invasive Medicine through Sound

The next step for many in the scientic field, is to develop a non invasive method to shatter cancer cells. The video here, is self explanatory.

What To Expect

  • 1-on-1 treatment or Sound Massage: in a confortable attire, we set an intention for your healing, you lie down and the music slowly envelop your whole. When you are in the state required, the bowls are played on you and away as are other instruments. The healing lasts 90 mins. It's beneficial to have 5 to 10 sessions at regular intervals to deal with chronic ailments.

  • During a Gong bath, the principle is the same, the emphasis is put on making sure the place is totally silent and participants are warm and confortable (always bring your yoga mat, socks, a pillow and blanket if not provided, as your body temperature goes down in a Theta state of conciousness).

  • Result: The objective is to harmonise both side of the brain and the heart. This is close enough to what we call Bliss.

True Healing Happens in Timelessness - Grand Gong Master, Don Conreaux


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