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Natural Medicines

The use of medicinal plants is at the origin of modern medicine. Compounds of plant origin still are an important source of modern drugs making.  But the trend in alopathic medicine research is more focused on the search for new medicines rather than the cultivation or domestication of plant species with their demonstrated potential.


Most plants in nature have many therapeutical benefits. The ancestral Indian medicine, called Ayurveda provides millenary knowledge of the properties of plants and when to use them, depending on the nature of our imbalance and/or our unique constitution. Too often we use plants as spices or herbal teas, oblivious of their real effect on our health, irrespective of their properties. As an example, having a green tea every morning might be benefic for some but dammaging to others as it will aggravate Pitta despite its anti-oxydant properties.

Here you'll find natural medicines to help you heal from specific ailments (such as Cholesterol, diabetes, menopause symptoms, skins issues, pains, arthritis and rheumatism, asthma and more) or just to preserve your existing health depending on your nature.

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