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Corporate Wellbeing:

Have it your own way

Studies have shown that short periods of exposure to psychosocial stress are associated with reactions such as sleep disturbance, changes in mood, fatigue, headaches and stomach irritability. Staying in that sate too long is the cause of chronic diseases, increase absenteeism and lack of engagement from your employees.
Among workers with a work-related health problem, ‘stress, depression or anxiety’ was reported as the most serious health problem. 45 % of workers reported having experienced, during the previous three years, some type of organisational change affecting their work environment, hence their own motivation and productivity. 79 % of European managers are concerned about stress in their workplaces, affecting the mood, efficiency and productivity of their employees.

I offer natural ways to reduce stress and anxiety, change perspective and bring about balance for each employee but also harmony and connection to the group.

The benefits to your organisation:
  • Improve employee health

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Maintain employee's engagement

  • Improve workplace loyalty and attract new talent

  • Increase immunity and concentration

  • Boost self confidence and positivity

  • Increase creativity, productivity and efficiency

  • Strengthen team morale, relationships and communication


Bringing Health to Your workplace
  • Breakfast or Lunch seminars

  • Gong bath, Sound Journey and/or Sound Yoga

  • Full employee consultations & coaching


Ayurveda can provide a structure for your employees to understand their needs, change their lifestyle and diet to manage stress and anxiety. The Ayurvedic workshops are a great offering to learn about healthy habits to restore balance. Yoga, sound baths and meditation  are scientifically proven to increase immunity, energy and peace of mind. They lower stress levels and allow to gain perspective in an otherwise hectic life style. Have a look below to determine what could be most suited to your group and contact me to organise one of these events or a mix of them. As your natural health & wellness consultant, I'll help you integrate wellness into your day to day operations.

Sound Yoga

This 60' Naga Yoga Class brings the benefits of restorative Yoga and Sound Healing together: 45 minutes gentle Yoga practice for all levels, fronted and ending on a sound bath for full relaxation, recovery and to remove the mind's clutter. Harmony. Pure Bliss!

Sound Bath

As a group, your employees lie down comfortably on a yoga mat to indulge into a sound healing that last 45' and starts or end with a meditation

Sound Journey

This 90-minute class combines the benefits of restorative yoga and sound healing. It begins with a themed meditation, continues with 45 minutes therapeutic Yoga adapted to all levels and ends with a 45 minute Sound Bath for your complete relaxation and recovery.​

Ayurvedic Workshops 

The 90' Ayurvedic workshops. The Theme depends on your requirements:

- Ayurvedic stress management

- Eating for your constitution to increase energy

- Improving concentration and clarity of mind

- Managing the demands of a life at home & at work.

Employee's Ayurvedic Coach & Consult

A 90' minute full Ayurvedic consultation which will allow your employee to understand his/her physiological and mental type. Accordingly, a full diet plan and life style recommandations ensues  

Sonic Soulmates

Your Spiritual Party is right here: Sonic Soulmates brings together yoga, meditation, a sound bath and ends with a party led by DJ Sylvetje. If you wish to bring your staff together in a meaningful and connective event, have fun and heal all at the same time this is a beautiful option

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