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What is your Dosha?

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The 3 doshas (or consitutions types) are present in each of us, but in different proportions, which makes us unique. This unique make-up at birth gets imbalanced throughout life and Ayurveda deals with bringing you back to your state of natural balance. Knowing what we are made of allows us to takes steps to re-instate balance, thefore health.

Take the Mental and Emotional test, as well as the Physiological one, then read the description of your dominant dosha (below).

If you aren't sure which beauty product is most adapted to your nature, then take the Ayurvedic Skin type test and chose products in the Dosha Shop which are suited to your unique nature. If you have equal results in more than one dosha, chose the tridoshic range of products.

Mind, Emotion
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What Is Your Dosha?

When  answering the questions, try to chose only one answer. Think "what is my tendency as far as I can remember". These tests establish your nature at birth rather than the current imbalance you might be suffering from at the moment. For example, you might currently have a dry skin yet it's not your tendency and a rather rare occurence. In that case, chose the answer that best reflect your type in general and for as long as you can remember.

Your Skin Type
Skin Type
What Is Your Skin Type

The Doshas

The doshas

Understanding your Results

We are often dominated by one or 2 doshas and rarely, have the 3 in equal proportions. But often, our physiology is different than our emotions and mental make up, hence the 2 tests which will allow you to figure it out. Once the tests are taken, read your dominant dosha description below. Once you know your dominant physiological dosha, you can find recipes adapted to your needs or

visit the Dosha Shop where you'll find medicines and products to deal with specific ailments, create the atmosphere that's most beneficial to you or find the beauty products suited to your needs and type.


Vata: made of Air & Space


Pitta: made of Fire and oil


Kapha: made of Water & Earth

Shop your Dosha
Dosha Shop

Now that your know your dominant dosha, you can find the oils, creams and other products which will bring back balance to your nature. For example, if your skin type is Vata, chose the Vata Balancing category of products. Tridoshic products are good for all 3 doshas.

If you are not sure, or for a gift, chose the tri-doshic range which is suitableto all