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Learn how to heal Naturally

Tribe Talk With...

I invite an expert in the field of natural healing, plant medicines, Yoga, Ayurveda, sound healing and the environment. Join us for a free 45 minute talk at your lunch break to find hope, alternatives and a tribe of like-minded therapists and patients. Check this page regularly or follow @taapoatribe for upcoming talks dates

Upcoming Talks


Natalie Jane Lal

Natalie Jane Lal is back on the Tribe Talks. ASonic Maestro Alchemist wielding the power of Sound and frequency, Nat affects positive change for those ready to receive it. after studying Sound healing in its various guises, she now follows her own inner guidance to expand her understanding and works intuitively with clients to catalyse their transformation.

Join us as we discuss light language, intuitive singing. Nat's intuitive voice healing is both extremely potent and mysterio following the shamans traditions, see if this might help you with your wellbeing and health.

Past Talks

Past Talks

What's The fuss about Sound Healing?

With Natalie Jane Lal

You've probably heard of it and it might feel like a new craze. Is it justified? what's so amazing about this non-invasive therapy and what it's good for? we Talk to Nat, a sound healer, about her experience, the science behind this therapy and why it often feels like magic!


With Berenice Miles

Bee is a brilliant yoga and meditation teacher as well as being specilaised in Yoga therapy. She suffered from stress and anxiety as well as eating disorders when younger. In this talk she shares her insights, the real nature of stress and how it affects us physiologicallyand , how Yoga therapy can help. Because understanding the disease allows us to tame it.

Ama: Detox of the body & Mind

With Ghalia Almadani & Eve Mehei

A special discussion led by Ghalia Almadani from Saoudi Arabia on Detoxing the body and Mind with a special angle on entering Ramadan. Because what we do and what we eat affects our body but also our thoughts and define who w

Living Your Truth

With Rachel Butt

A beautiful and inspiring perspective into living a full life and walking your own path. Join Rachel Butt, an advocate and social activist, sound healer and musician who lived on and off at Thich Nhath Hanh monastery for many years. We discuss mindfulness, ego, compassion and true Love. Get inspired to become your true self, serve and find meaning

Eating Disorders & Emotional Eating

With Berenice Miles

In this talk , Berenice Miles, a Yoga and meditation teacher who once suffered from anorexia and bulimia shares her journey into healing. We talk about the addiction phenomenon, how to break the cycle, the causes and action to take to get out of the loop of emotional eating and addiction.

Self Love & Kundalini

With Sita Devjot Kaur

Sita shares with us the Kundalini perspective on Self Love . Watch as we discuss Acceptance, Ego, duality, and how healing means facing our own demons which leads to self love and confidence. A great talk doubled with a practice to take to the comfort of your own home.

Depression: Another Perspective

With Fahad Fatani

A talked charged with authenticity, insight, experience and a lot of love! Fahad Fatani is a "life coach". Here, he shares his own journey into and out of depression and suicidal thoughts. How to turn depression into a creative process: we discuss negative self talk, beliefs systems and how to break the cycle

Surviving Breast Cancer

With Maureen Thorpe

Maureen is a super-qualified yoga teacher. She's lived a spiritual and healthy life, but when a partner falls ill to a life threatening disease, she becomes "the carer" and is soon after diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Here she shares her experience, the despair, the hopes, losing touch with our body and what helped her most, or how consciousness is a powerful healer.

Depression & Yoga

With Berenice Miles

Bee is a brilliant yoga and meditation teacher as well as being specialised in Yoga therapy. She suffered from depression for many years. In this talk she shares her insights, how Yoga helped her combat depression and how Yoga therapy can help. 

Ragas, the music that heals the Soul

With Harita Thaker

A jewel from India! The India Music system is a complex science rooted in the millenary Vedic science. Harita, a classically trained musician and `sound Healer, explains how music can heal us

Covid 19: tips to heal naturally

With Eve Mehei

The ayurvedic perspective offers some useful insights both in the prevention and healing of the virus. Have a look at this half hour talk to get ayurvedic home remedies and an appriopriate diet to heal faster

Talks en francais

Les Talks: En Francais

Troubles Alimentaires & Nourriture Emotionelle

Avec Berenice Miles 

Stress et Anxiété

Avec Berenice Miles

Cancer du sein & Force Créatrice

Avec Valerie Carchi

Covid 19:  Prevenir et guérir naturellement

Avec Eve Mehei

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