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Natural Home

The millenary medicine from India, Ayurveda, litterally means "Ayur"  or Life and "Veda", knowledge. It focuses on restoring balance by bringing us back to the consciousness of our own unique nature. Creating this balance include diet but also life style.

In that context, the environment we live in is crucial to our wellbeing. For example, a Vata dominant individual tends to be fearful , restless and easily anxious. For them, who lack discipline and routine, creating a comfortable and warm home environment which feels like a sanctuary is crucial to their wellbeing. Kapha who loves staying at home, cooking, and lounging on the sofa is delighted by beauty and harmony, while for Pitta dominant people, things have to be useful.

Hopefully here, whatever your nature, you'll find something that is all of the above.

Create a soothing atmosphere for these nerves, find what you need to start a morning routine, exercice, contemplate or meditate, and just feel good.

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