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The tongue scrapper is a classic of Ayurveda. The tongue helps the ayurvedic practitioner assert the patient condition because it is the receptacle of the digestive system's toxins. Keeping your tongue clean daily is as important as brushing one teeth's in the west, because it avoids accumulation of toxins in places where they shouldn't be. 


How to use:

Part of the yogic and ayurvedic routine, tongue scrapping should be done daily to maintain the hygene of the mouth, ears and nose. Every mornign as you wake up.


  • The package contain one (1) tongue cleaner. Chose the metal colour of your choice
  • Material: Stainless Steel Surgical Grade





Tongue Cleaner


    · Deliveries to Europe & UK: usually 7 to 10 days (up to 1 month)

    · You may be subject to additional charges for VAT and, when applicable, customs duties in your country. For more information about these costs, please contact the tax and customs authorities in your country

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