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Steps to understanding Sound Healing

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Step 1: You are energy, not matter.

We trust and use our eyes so much that we commonly say things like: "I wont believe it until I see it" or "Seeing is Believing". Interesting... because 95% to 99% of the world, in & around us, is invisible to the eye.

If you were to look at any of your body cells, in the centre you'd find the DNA, but when you look inside you'd only find electric charges i.e. protons, electrons and neutrons. There's actually nothing there: or rather 99,9% of empty space. If the proton at the centre was the size of an apple, the electron gravitating around would be the size of a grain of sand and would be approximately 2kms away. So there is indeed A LOT of space and a lot of movement in what we consider material. The bottom line being that all in us and around is energy and a minuscule bit of matter.

It's important because it means that we are more electro-magnetic vibrations and frequencies than we are solid matter. Sound Healing disturbs, shifts and rearranges these energies in an harmonious way

Step 2: Your Sense of Hearing

We do mostly rely on our eyes indeed. Yet it's striking to know that our ears have 3 times more nervous connections to the brain than our eyes do.

In addition, our ears' nervous terminations end directly into each of our organs. What you hear can be felt straight into your liver, stomach or your heart and so on. Do you remember a time you heard a piercing and surprising sound and felt it right into your belly? It calls to think about what we expose ourselves to when it comes to sound, voices, music and noise...

A while back, when I started Sound healing, I treated a patient who was suffering from kidney stones, was scheduled for surgery and was suffering from a diffused never ending pain. I first gave him a sound healing hoping it will ease the pain. It did just that and the patient asked to come back. We went through another 5 sessions of 45 minutes each concentrating exclusively on the painful area. Twelve days after his first session, he was rushed to the A&E with unbearable pains. With my lack of experience at the time, I thought I had killed this poor man. Instead he had passed the stones naturally 48hours after his last treatment...

Step 3: To understand Sound, understand Resonance

Place two identical glasses next to each other. Circle your finger on the rim of one of the glasses. If the other one isn't too far it will start vibrating as well. This is resonance and it occurs between objects having the potential to vibrate at the same frequency. If one is activated, the others will resonate with it without any stimulation.

During a sound healing, if one plays a certain frequency that matches any of your cells, those cells will start reacting and vibrate in sync with the external stimulation of the instruments played. During a sound healing, your cells will indeed be re-arranged for the better. What we dont understand is why and by default (!) harmony is born out of chaos. Take a look below.

Step 4: Entrainment

This time, Let's imagine one plays a G on a piano. Moving 7 notes to the right, you'll hit a G in the next octave, that is a higher note and its frequency is now double the frequency of the first G played. These 2 notes being on the same spectrum can entrain with each other, one aligning with the other or synchronising. Because you are mostly energy and frequencies, when Gongs or Tibetan bowls are played around or on your body with a frequency in the same range, this cell will entrain and follow some of the frequencies played as long as they are in the same spectrum. `So a note at 44hz will entrain with 88hz, 196hz and so on.

Entrainment is behind the way seasons occur, the way we differentiate between day and night or how women cycles often align with the moon.

Step 5: Potential in Sound healing

When you receive a treatment the sound healer will know the frequency (or frequencies) of the instruments used, but they won't know the frequencies of your body cells.

Often, we hear that there our 7 chakras have specific frequencies and matching Tibetan bowls with them will align these energetic centres. The reality is that we have no idea at which exact frequency your body or each chakra or cells vibrate at a specific moment. But we know that through resonance and entrainment, we can modify and re-align those energetic centres by playing a vast array of different sounds or frequencies.

We also know the effects of a low or a high frequency have on the body, and can use those depending on your problem. Low frequencies will ground and help find stability and balance. But we cannot be too specific and pretend we are targeting a specific frequency.

It remains that the effects of Sound on the physical body and how it helps heal are no longer questionable.

Anthony Holland, PhD, a renowned composer turned cancer researcher, described what happened when he subjected microorganisms in a lab to different frequencies: they shatter!

"I tried putting more than one frequency into the organism simultaneously … When I added the eleventh harmonic, I looked through the microscope and discovered that the microorganism had shattered. It reminded me of how a crystal glass shatters when a soprano hits just the right note".

"Pancreatic cancer cells were targeted first. The resonant frequencies lead to the eventual destruction of the cells. Dr. Holland figured out that cancer cells are vulnerable to frequencies between 100,000 hertz and 300,000 hertz. In further studies, an average of 25 percent to 42 percent of leukemia cells were destroyed. The treatment also slowed the growth of cancer cells by up to 60 percent. Ovarian cancer cells also succumbed as did antibiotic-resistant bacteria (including methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)". Dr. Holland’s hope is that one day soon the frequencies, which appear to be just as efficient as medications and radiations, but without the toxicity, will become the future of cancer care.

(For more read on "Gateway to cancer research" ( or look for Dr Holland's Ted talk on Youtube).


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