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For French Speakers

Restoring Harmony through Sound
& Learn to play the Tibetan bowls


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£120 pp

About the Event

Would you like to  experience bliss while learning something new? then this one-day- retreat is for you


RESTORING HARMONY THROUGH SOUND is a dynamic and transformative one-day experience of learning Tibetan bowls and wellbeing through sound therapy. Expect a holistic interactive experience, guided by two health professionals offering: yoga (asana practice), breathing (pranayama), meditation, voice exploration, with music, sound bath and dance. On the heights of Bandol, on the French Riviera, surrounded by nature, the environment contributes to the deep healing of the mind, body and soul.

Harmonise: Balance & Communion With Oneself


Everything vibrates, everything sings! Like what we learned in school, modern science now reveals that our brain is not a computer but rather an orchestra that resonates with external stimuli: whether it is the noise of the street, the waves of our phone, the music we listen to, the tone of voice of our interlocutor,  each "frequency" has an effect on our mood and state of health: from discomfort to well-being, sound can make us nervous, but it can also be used as a tool for harmonization by plunging our whole being into a state of homeostasis (regulatory process that restores and maintains well-being). You will eliminate stress, boost your immunity and restore communication between the right and left hemispheres of the brain, plunging you into a state of pure harmony. Sound therapy, also subtitled "passive meditation" is effortless and often feels miraculous.

The Objective


You will leave as if on a cloud, having gained new resources applicable when back home.

The goal is to get rid of stress, spend a day of harmony of the mind the body and the spirit, and to learn the basics of sound therapy to use for your self or others: playing your Tibetan bowl will help you meditate, pacify yourself, but also pacify your loved ones, and who knows, will perhaps give birth to a new passion within?

True happiness must be sought through self-knowledge. When you reconnect with your optimal vibration, you will regain your vital energy, elevate the soul, and feel able to return to your daily life rejuvenated and at peace.

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9:00am:            Welcome

9:30am:             Yoga of Sound

10:30am:           A-U-M Meditation

11:00am:            Opening of the circle

11:30am:            Workshop: Learning to play Tibetan bowls: history, theory, practice

1pm:                   Ayurvedic lunch (vegetarian)

2:00pm:            Practice: It's up to you to play

3:30pm:            Inner Fire Pranayama and Danced Zen Meditation

4pm                   Pause, questions

5pm:                  Sound bath

6pm:                  Closing of the circle, sharing

                            Buy your Tibetan bowl


The Benefits Of Sound Therapy


"If you want to discover the secrets of the Universe

Think in terms of energy, frequencies and vibrations"

Nicolas Tesla


90% of our visits to the doctor are attributed to stress, which is the main cause of chronic diseases. Sound healing reduces stress and anxiety, strengthens immunity, reduces sleep disorders, improves its quality and eliminates insomnia. It promotes cardiac and cerebral resonance, hormonal balance, reduces high blood pressure and induces an altered state of consciousness (Lucid Dreaming). It increases clarity and lightness of the mind, soothes emotional distress and encourages the regeneration and rejuvenation of cells. Studies report that sound healing is effective against kidney and bladder stones, in the elimination of menstrual pain and other aches and in relieving joint and bone pains.

Sound healing is also an opened window to your "unconscious", or 3rd eye. Patients report seeing colors, being brought back to certain distant emotional memories and floating, like in a dream. The wisdom we extract from these experiences helps identify our fears, shames, guilt, sadness and in resolving our emotional wounds stored in the limbic memory.

Some practitioners and scientists claim that in principle "Everything can be healed by sound because any solid emits energy in the form of vibrations which can be modified and harmonized." Others believe that sound therapy is effective for "All stress-induced diseases". In other words, almost all of them.

The Organisers


Nadege is a certified Yoga teacher (YTT 200) as well as an acupuncturist trained in traditional Chinese medicine. Eve is certified as a Zen Yoga instructor (YTT450), a Gong and Tibetan Bowls master and an Ayurvedic practitioner.

We organise these playful and holistic well-being experiences, weaving our offerings of yoga, breath work, meditation, liberating explorations of voice and movement with music, Sound Baths, Ceremonies and Dance, motivated by our a vision of inclusion and brotherhood for each of us to realise our own nature. Our mission as retreat guides is to create a sacred and safe space and to support each participant wherever they are on their healing path of self-discovery.

Don't Forget & What to Wear
  • Your yoga mat

  • Comfortable outfit (track suit, sweat pants, sportswear or yoga outfit, sweatshirt or blanket – your body temperature decreases during a sound bath)

  • If you have never experienced a Sound Bath, here is more information link: What is a sound bath


  • If you suffer from tinnitus, superimposing the sounds of several participants can awaken tinnitus

  • If you are pregnant, it is best not to expose yourself during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

  • if you have a specific problem or doubt, contact Eve:

To Book


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whatsapp : +447855640598

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