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For French Speakers

Colonic Detox Retreat,
The Ayurvedic Way


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GORDES, France



Eve: or Nadège:

T: +447855640598 or T:+33663778199

EARLY BIRD Price till May 15th (see prices below)

About the 3-Night-retreat

Did you know that the colon (part of the large intestine) keeps the residues of meals ingested more than a year ago!

These toxins create blockages, themselves, source of many more or less serious chronic diseases: from constipation to anemia, from bloating to skin issues, excess weight to anxiety, bloating or chronic indigestion, Ama, which means "what is not cooked, what is not digested “ in Sanskrit, is the source of a dysfunctional digestive tract, itself being the cause of all diseases according to Ayurveda, the thousand-year-old Indian medicine.

Whether it's physical particles that aren't eliminated properly or emotional wounds that we “haven't digested", these toxins slow down one’s metabolism and keep one from moving forward.

The benefits of a colon cleansing, the right way


Ayurveda considers the human being according to his unique nature and categorizes him according to three constitutions: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Most of the diseases associated with Vata are in the colon, those associated with Pitta in the small intestine and in the stomach for Kapha. This retreat will allow you to purify the entire digestive system to maintain your current health, treat existing symptoms and prevent diseases:


It reduces:

  1. Chronic fatigue, lethargy, lack of desires and depression

  2. Gaz and bloating

  3. Lumbar pains, arthritis, sciatica and numbing or even some types of paralysis

  4. Nerve strains, anxiety and sleep-related issues

  5. Skin problems

  6. Hair fall

  7. Hypertension

  8. Diabetes

  9. Asma

  10. Joints pains

  11. The amount of toxins in your body

  12. The risks of colon cancer

It will improve or contributes to improving:

  1. your energy 

  2. your concentration

  3. Your weight loss efforts

  4. The well absorption of vitamins & nutrients

  5. The performance of your digestive system as a whole

  6. Fertility

The Method

You will join a small group of about 10 people to ensure the privacy and sense of safety, necessary to any deep healing process.

  1. The method used is non-invasive (this isn’t an enema). We will follow a yogic practice proven by the millenary science of Ayurveda that prescribes the ingestion of salt water together with adapted yoga asanas.

  2. The procedure itself lasts a couple of hours and is followed by a long period of rest. This is the moment when you will empty yourself of what no longer has any use for the body. You will immerse yourself in a gentle yoga suitable to this particular treatment, meditation, sound therapy and relaxation within a beautiful and quiet nature.

  3. You will have the opportunity to journal and be within.

  4. You will also learn the great concepts that govern the creation of toxins and how to avoid them in the future to change daily routine and bad habits. 

  5. The meals which follow are intentionally easily digestible while your digestive tract rebuilds its natural defences.

  6. You will observe a clear improvement of your energy after about 24 hours to 48 hours and will feel light, full of spirit, "clean" physically, mentally and emotionally.



If you suffer from a heart condition, hypertension or stomach ulcers, this treatment is not suitable. If you want to discuss any other concerns and be sure that there are no contraindications to your condition, you can call or write to Eve (phone and whatsapp: +447855640598)

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The Organisers


Nadege is a certified Yoga teacher (YTT 200) as well as an acupuncturist trained in traditional Chinese medicine. Eve is certified as a Zen Yoga instructor (YTT450), a Gong and Tibetan Bowls master and an Ayurvedic practitioner.

We organise these holistic well-being experiences, weaving our offerings of yoga, breath work, meditation, liberating explorations and movement with music, Sound Baths, Ceremonies and Dance, motivated by our a vision of inclusion and brotherhood for each of us to realise our own nature. Our mission as retreat guides is to create a sacred and safe space and to support each participant wherever they are on their healing journey and path of self-discovery.

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THE PROGRAM 30 June to 3 July 2022


Day 1: Thursday

  • Arrival between 2pm and 3pm: installation & meet

    • 20 minutes of individual Ayurvedic consultation

  • Ayurvedic dinner

  • Opening the circle

  • Gong Bath


Day 2: Friday

  • Colonic detox, Yoga, rest, journaling and meditation 

  • Ayurvedic  Detox lunch

  • Workshop: Ama, the toxins in Ayurveda

  • Ayurvedic Detox dinner

  • Ceremony: getting rid of these emotions that limits us


Day 3: Saturday 

  • Yoga - Digestive Mudra & Let Go Meditation

  • Ayurvedic Detox Breakfast

  • Workshop: Morning Ayurvedic Ritual

  • Lunch

  • Conscious walk in nature towards the village of Gordes

  • Ayurvedic Diner

  • Meditative Zen Dance

  • Sunset Sound bath


Day 4: Sunday

  • Yoga

  • Breakfast

  • Workshop: Ayurvedic spices recipe for detox

  • Departure

The Place:
An Intimate & Quiet Country House In The Heart Of Provence

We welcome you in a Provencal Country house in the heart of the Luberon, on the hills facing the medieval village of Gordes within the lavenders and the garrigues, with garden and swimming pool. 

The accommodation is on site as well as in another house, a 100m walk away. There are only 3 single occupancy rooms available, 1 triple occupancy room and the rest as double occupancy (that is a single bed in a room to be shared with another participant). Rooms will be allocated as first come, first served.

How To get There

The exact address will be communicated to you after you’ve have made your booking.

  1. Nearest airport: Marseille. The taxi from Marseille airport to the place of retreat is about 100 euros and 50 minutes to 1 hour drive to Gordes

  2. Nearest train station: Cavaillon. Drive from Cavaillon 25 minutes to Gordes

  3. Nearest TGV train station: Avignon. Drive from Avignon 40 minutes to Gordes

  4. we will create a WhatsApp group for you to be able to communicate with other retreat participants in order to share transportation

The fee does NOT include your trip to the site of the retreat



  • We will not offer coffee, black or green teas. Meals are vegetarian and very basic grains and vegetables based dishes suited to the detox procedure. It takes 2 to 3 days to be able to eat normally after the cleanse.

  • Water, meals, and herbal teas are included

  • Accommodation choices are limited but of quality and we will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

  • Smokers are advised to do so outdoors and away from other participants – it is also recommended to limit your intake during the detox process, to avoid headaches. 

  • If you suffer from hypertension, heart problems, or stomach ulcers, you cannot participate. if you have a specific problem or doubt, contact Eve:

Don't Forget & What to Wear
  • Your yoga mat!!

  • Comfortable outfits (track suit, sweat pants, sportswear or yoga gear

  • a sweatshirt or blanket – your body temperature decreases during a sound bath and during the actual detox procedure)

  • a bathing suit and a towel

  • mosquito repellent.

  • If you have never experienced a Sound Bath, here is more information: What is a sound bath

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What is Ayurveda

The Millenary Indian medicine, Mother of all medicines (from Chinese, through Hippocrates, the founder of modern medicine), Ayurveda first considers global health: of the soul, body and mind. It makes the digestive system the foundation of good health and insists that healing treatments depend on your unique constitution, also known as dosha. Whether it's diet, lifestyle or herbal medicines, what's good for one is not necessarily good for the other. In Ayurveda, One size doesn’t fit all.

If you’d like to learn more about Ayurveda, visit:

"We are given the experience of life with an awakened consciousness to live according to our heart, not according to our head"

All rooms have an en-suite bathroom

Early Bird: Before May 15th

  1. Double room or studio for 1 person- single - (1 double bed): €700

  2. Double room to share (2 single beds): €580

Standard Price: As May 15th

  1. Double room for 1 person- single - (1 double bed): €750

  2. Double Room to share (2 single beds): €630

  3.  Triple Studio to share (1 sofa bed and 2 single beds): €550

To Book


Don't forget to add your name as a payment reference

Payment details 

1.               By bank transfer:

Nadege Lubrano 

IBAN : DE36 1001 1001 2629 4817 62 / BIC : NTSBDEB1XXX

2.              By PayPal: price + 6% - price + 6%



whatsapp : +447855640598


Nadège -


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