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Detox the Ayurvedic Way


Time & Location

@ Miller's Way Project

Shepherds Bush Green 

The Tabernacle Memorial Hall, Miller's Way, London W6 7NH


This is a 2-hour-workshop


Feeling a bit lost when it comes to Detox and nutrition? Superfoods? intermittent fasting?


The information is so vast and contradicting, we often feel overwhelmed when it comes to maintaining health through nutrition. Ayurveda, the millenary Indian medicine sees toxins and the development of disease in an enlightening way which will clarify it all. Over the cold winter months, we naturally indulge in heavy and unctuous foods to help maintain our energy and immunity. But as we transition into spring/summer, our digestive fire, appetite and physical strength have weakened, giving us the feeling of being clogged up and congested. Spring is the best time to detox according to Ayurveda.


This two-hour workshop will help you understand the formation of toxins, how to prevent it and how to cleanse and reset naturally and holistically this spring.


Topics of discussion will include:

- The main principles of Ayurveda: the role of the digestive fire in the creation of toxins

- The presence of toxins: easy recognition of the toxins of the body & the mind

- The development of disease & the lymphatic system: why detox is crucial

- Take the test: what is my imbalance?

- The foods and lifestyle which create toxins

- What to eat? What to avoid?


You’ll leave with recipes, tricks and lifestyle suggestions for your own detox and a 2 weeks broad plan to put into action A download of the class content & recommendations will be made available for all who attend. Looking forward to sharing with you the ancient and often miraculous knowledge of Ayurveda for better natural Health.

Next dates


Next date TBC



In Person

@ Millers way Project 

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