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Ear Treatment

Karna Purna & Ear Candling

To restore earring, balance, defeat infection, unblock the ear canal, ease Tinnitus & depression

1hr/ £80

ear treatment

Music to your ears...

Our ear treatment addresses different ailments and uses 2 different techniques

What to Expect:

We start the treatment with a short head massage to help you relax while you are lying down. We then use ear candling to remove impurities and finally medicated oil drops (karna purna) to clear the problem. Depending on the ailment, you might have to take ear drops with you and continue the treatment for a few days for lasting results.

Dress code: fully dressed, we recommend loose clothing such as track suit for your own confort.

What's Ear candling:

A waxed paper candle is placed at the opening of the ear. As it burns, the combustion is said to absorb and remove toxins. It will remove some of the wax in the ears even though it's not meant to fully remove the wax but facilitate its natural elimination. This is a soothing and non-invasive experience. Ear candling is an ancestral procedure scientifically questioned by western medicine. Yet, patients do report improvements and wellbeing after the treatment and this is why we perform it. If it works, well... it works.

Karna Purna is a traditional Ayurvedic Ear treatment using medicated oils or clarified butter (ghee). It is beneficial in hearing loss, tinnitus, Meniere’s disease (vertigo), swimmer’s ear, ear infection of bacterial or fungal origin. 

Benefits of Karna Purna:

  • Earaches & Chronic Earaches: by reducing inflammation and pain

  • Earwax blockage due to excess wax or dried and solidified wax.

  • Ear congestion

  • Tinnitus

  • Meniere’s disease

  • Hearing loss: by nourishing the acoustic nerve

  • Swimmer’s ear: it's the narrowing of the earring canal which prevents the wax to exit the ear.

  • Headache, migraines: associated with body balance problems.

  • Neck & Jaw pain

  • Pain disorders, General body aches

  • Vertigo, dizziness and loss of balance.

  • Vata diseases (Neurological disorders): helps to calm the mind.

  • Depression

Contraindications of Karna Purana

Karna purana therapy is contraindicated in following cases:

  • Eardrum rupture

  • Ear injury

  • Ear wounds & cuts

  • Burns in the ear

Side effects of Karna Purana

Some people may experience some discomfort in the ears after the procedure, but it will be only for a little time.

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