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Boost Your Immunity this Winter



£30 each when you bring a friend

Saturday 17 December

11am- 1pm

@ Miller's Way Project

Shepherds Bush Green 

The Tabernacle Memorial Hall, Miller's Way, London W6 7NH

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A 2-hour-workshop

You keep on getting that flu, UTI, sore throat, blocked nose, or you just feel tired more often than not, and are no longer sure what's the problem: join me for a 2 hour workshop to go through the ayurvedic principles of how to create a strong immunity. The Ayurvedic take on being healthy is based on a strong immunity, our capacity to face illness and stress. Covid was a good example of this: we saw young and seemingly fit people falling ill while others seemed entirely immune for no apparent reason. In this 2-hour-workshop, we'll concentrate on how do disease develop because if you understand it, you can stop it. We'll review what affects your immunity (stress, food, life style) and I'll share some specific knowledge on these herbs in your kitchen which help during the cold months of winter, expect recipes and remedies catered to your needs. 

To book your space: contact me on WhatsApp (07855640598) or 

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