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A simple and elegant oil diffuser which will pacify the doshas depending on the essential oil you use.

Burning oil as you practice yoga or meditate is soothing and helpful.


Vata dominant people need to feel comfy and safe at home. They often suffer from anxiety and being exposed to soothing fragrances will help balance the vata Dosha. Kapha tends to suffer from depression, so adding the right essential oil can boost energy and envigorate the kapha dosha, while Pitta people suffer from anger and irritability. By using cooling fragrances, the Pitta dosha calms down, becomes more patient and tolerant.


How to use

drop a bit of water in the plate and add a few drops of your chosen essential oil. Light the candle. As it warms up, you start smelling the fragrance.

  • Get our essential oils selection from Paavani Ayurveda and chose the right fragrance for your dosha.
  • Or use our dosha test to determine your mental and emotional dosha to know which essential oil is best for you


Golden Oil Burner Diffuser

  • Deliveries to Europe & UK: usually 7 to 10 days (up to 1 month)

    · You may be subject to additional charges for VAT and, when applicable, customs duties in your country. For more information about these costs, please contact the tax and customs authorities in your country

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