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Himalayan Salt, also known as Saindava or Rock salt, is impurified sodium chloride obtained from land water salts which are said to have been deposited from former oceans thousands of years ago. Ayurveda uses rock salt in many of its remedies and prescibes the use of Himalyan salt daily because it is said to be tridoshic (balances the 3 doshas). In excess though, it can aggravate Kapha and Pitta doshas.

This type of salt has cold potency, thus it wont aggravate Pitta. The salty taste balances Vata and due to its properties it relieves congestion and therefore Kapha. As per the Charaka, one of the Ayurvedic foundation texts, it helps us digest, acts as an aphrodisiac, is good for the heart, and improves taste and appetite.

It is better to use rock salt to avoid hypertension, and weight gain.

If you suffer from any specific disease and have been told not to eat salt, consult your health professional.

  • Pure and Naturally Organic Food Grade Fine Salt
  • Region: India
  • plastic packaging 

Himalayan Pink Salt

PriceFrom £15.75
    • Deliveries to Europe & UK: usually 7 to 10 days (up to 1 month)
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