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This "Mala" (prayer beads necklace) is made in India, of jade with a dark green cotton tassel . Malas are usually used to repeat a mantra (or prayer), 108 times, hence the 108 beads.

Jade is a durable and a very strong crystal. So much that it was used to make tools heads and furniture in China where it is still today the stone of prosperity and health.



  • Repeating a mantra makes meditation easier and will help you stick to your routine
  • Jade benefits: calm, peace, serenity, releases negative energies, enhances love and compassion, heals relationships, helps connect to the spiritual realm
  • Vedic Astrology Planet: Mercury (budha) which rules over the intellect. Jade brings clarity to the influence of Mercury.
  • Chakra: Heart energetic centre, Anahata.


Product Information

  • Jade: a semi precious genstone in the crystal family
  • 108 beads
  • 84cm / 33 inches
  • Beads diameter: 75mm / 0.3 inch

Jade Necklace

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