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Head & Body Oil






NEELYADEE Oil is a head and body oil used in cases of an excess of the Pitta dosha. It’s useful for all skin disorders presenting redness and irritation. It‘s extremely relieving in the case of piles and anal fissures, headaches and hair thinning. It will promote hair growth and slow down hair fall.


Base oil- coconut, coconut milk


Karma (action):

  • 18 ingredients including the Juices of 7 plant leaves
  • It pacifies pitta, can aggravate Kapha
  • Headaches and associated disorders
  • Hair fall, hair thinning
  • Skin disorders, irritations, redness, burns
  • Piles, anal fissures


How & When to use:

  • Skin type: dry, hot
  • Use: can be applied before bed and overnight daily in the case of hair fall and thinning. As needed for headaches, skin disorder, piles, irriation of the skin


Contra-indications: There are no contra-indication. It might aggravate the kapha dosha

  • 100% PLANT BASED
  • NO hormone disrupting chemicals, GMO’s, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, detergents or any harsh ingredientsIngredients


Ingredients: Acronychia pedunculata, Adenanthera pavonina, Allium sativum, Carum copticum, Croton aromaticus, Cuminum cyminum, Cyperus rotundus, Indigofera tinctoria, Monochoria hastata, Myristica fragrans, Nigella sativa, Picrorhiza kurrooa, Piper longum, Syzygium aromaticum, Coconut oil100ml


  • Packaging: metal - No plastic
  • This oil has been made in Sri Lanka according to a millenary Ayurvedic recipe



Neelyadee Oil

    • CAUTION: If pregnant, consult a qualified herbalist or physician before use.
    • If irritation occur, stop its use
    • These statements have not been evaluated by the MHRA (UK), FDA (EU) or FDA (USA). This product is not intended to diagnose or prevent any diseases.
    • A note from Eve: Do not use formore than 1 month in a row without getting professional advice.
    • Uk delivery aim: 1-2 days
    • Europe delivery aim: 3-5 working days
    • We do not deliver outside these regions
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