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The Planet rings are an original Taapoa creation. It is based on the Ayurvedic principles of the effect of Gemstones on our health and vibration. It is intimately linked to the Jyotisha, or vedic science of the influence of the planets on our lives.

These rings are gorgeous when you wear more than one on the same finger. They come in 2 sizes: a thin version that is very subtle, feminine and sophisticated and a thicker version which brings the glow. Both together look they look rich yet understated, elegant and feminine.

These rings were imagined in order to be affordable yet to be made of noble and durable materials.



Planet: the Moon

Cooling, calming, balancing

Alleviates Pitta (from inflammation, stress, anger, impatience)

Promotes mental peace, nurturing and care.


Planet Ring White Pearl

PriceFrom £100.00
    • 9 carat solid gold (9 carat gold contains about 40% of gold and is then mixed with with other metals such as silver and copper which are all noble materials in ayurveda . It is actually tougher than 18ct gold and enough to survive a lifetime of wear.
    • Thin ring: 2mm diameter stone & 1mm thick
    • Thick ring: 3mm diameter stone & 2mm thick
    • Made in India from real gemstones.
    • Uk delivery aim: 1-2 days
    • Europe delivery aim: 3-5 working days
    • We do not deliver outside these regions
    • You may be subject to additional charges for VAT and, when applicable, customs duties in your country. For more information about these costs, please contact the tax and customs
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