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teen girl periods acne

Teen Girl Plan

Available Online

Helping your teen girl with her new hormonal cycle, skin issues and irregular/painful/absent periods

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 450 British pounds
  • Online & In Person

Service Description

It is quite normal for young women to experience irregular periods and skin problems in the couple of years following their first menstruations. For some, it last much longer and often leads to being prescribed the pill to regulate both periods cycles and skins issues. In ayurveda though, and because each of us have a unique constitution (our own nature or dominant "dosha") the symptoms are quite different from one individual to another: Vata ladies will often experience short periods (3 days) and irregular/long cycles as well as pain and/or the absence of periods. Pitta dominant constitutions tend to have 4-5 days heavy bleeding and clotting with debilitating pains which leave them bedridden for a day or two and severe inflammatory acne. The Kapha Ladies instead, have regular cycles, little pain and 28 days cycles often with no skin issues. Instead they tend to put on weight. If Ayurveda cannot change your own nature, it helps dramatically in the treatment of these symptoms. By changing your diet, modifying your lifestyle, knowing which kitchen herbs to use and how, one can naturally help young women regularise their cycles and dramatically diminish the pain while clearing their skin of toxins and inflammation. Associated with a Womb Clearing & Activation (energetic treatment), a few herbal remedies, and tools to understand one's cycles (Moon Chart), this life changing event that turns a girl into a woman becomes a walk in the park. This Plan includes: - 1 Ayurvedic Consultation -90' - 1 Follow up Consultation -60' - 1 Sound Healing 1-on-1 - 60' - Diet & lifestyle recommendations - 4 Herbal medicines & 1 medicated Massage Oil - 2 "Beautiful Skin" home remedies - Your "Moon Chart" to connect to your new woman cycle - 1 Womb Clearing & Activation Saves 15% Buy Your plan by setting a time and date for your first 90 minutes session

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations and to reschedule: Full refund when you cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment date/time or reschedule without refund. Appointments which have not been cancelled at least 24h before start time are refundable at 50% of their value.

Contact Details


43 Sinclair Road, London W14 0NS, UK

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