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The successes of Ayurveda in the Treatment of Covid

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Below you'll find links to scientific studies demonstrating how Ayurveda treats very successfully and more efficiently than allopathic medicines even in cases of patients with bad prognosis, intubation and in intensive care. It will also clarify how the state of your immune system is directly correlated to the intensity of the illness and its prognosis as well as its psychological and physiological benefits in the treatment of infectious disease.

How your level of immunity directly determines the outcome of the illness and its gravity.

Complete recovery of a patient in intensive care with a 18/25 Chest Severity Score (18 is predicted to have poor outcomes)

Ayurvedic medicine: beneficial both in terms of psychological quality of life against anxiety and stress created by the pandemic, and in terms of moderating the risk of infection

The concept of infectious diseases in Ayurveda and covid- 19


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